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22-May-2014A heparin-like glycosaminoglycan from shrimp containing high levels of 3-O-sulfated D-glucosamine groups in an unusual trisaccharide sequenceChavante, Suely F.; Brito, Adriana S.; Lima, Marcelo [UNIFESP]; Yates, Edwin [UNIFESP]; Nader, Helena [UNIFESP]; Guerrini, Marco; Torri, Giangiacomo; Bisio, Antonella; Univ Fed Rio Grande do Norte; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP); Univ Liverpool; Ist Ric Chim & Biochim G Ronzoni
1-Jan-2011High-sensitivity visualisation of contaminants in heparin samples by spectral filtering of H-1 NMR spectraRudd, Timothy R.; Gaudesi, Davide; Lima, Marcelo A. [UNIFESP]; Skidmore, Mark A.; Mulloy, Barbara; Torri, Giangiacomo; Nader, Helena B. [UNIFESP]; Guerrini, Marco; Yates, Edwin A.; Univ Liverpool; Ist Ric Chim & Biochim G Ronzoni; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP); Keele Univ; Natl Inst Biol Stand & Controls
2017Investigating the relationship between temperature, conformation and calcium binding in heparin model oligosaccharidesHughes, Ashley; Meneghetti, Maria [UNIFESP]; Huang, Teng-Yi; Hung, Shang-Cheng; Elli, Stefano; Guerrini, Marco; Rudd, Timothy; Lima, Marcelo [UNIFESP]; Yates, Edwin [UNIFESP]
1-Jan-2011A robust method to quantify low molecular weight contaminants in heparin: detection of tris(2-n-butoxyethyl) phosphateSassaki, Guilherme L.; Riter, Daniel S.; Santana Filho, Arquimedes P.; Guerrini, Marco; Lima, Marcelo A. [UNIFESP]; Cosentino, Cesare; Souza, Lauro M.; Cipriani, Thales R.; Rudd, Timothy R.; Nader, Helena B. [UNIFESP]; Yates, Edwin A.; Gorin, Philip A. J.; Torri, Giangiacomo; Iacomini, Marcello; Univ Fed Parana; Ist Ric Chim & Biochim G Ronzoni; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP); Univ Liverpool