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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Consciousness Regained: Disentangling Mechanisms, Brain Systems, and Behavioral ResponsesStorm, Johan F.; Boly, Melanie; Casali, Adenauer G. [UNIFESP]; Massimini, Marcello; Olcese, Umberto; Pennartz, Cyriel M. A.; Wilke, Melanie
2018Global structural integrity and effective connectivity in patients with disorders of consciousnessBodart, Olivier; Amico, Enrico; Gomez, Francisco; Casali, Adenauer G. [UNIFESP]; Wannez, Sarah; Heine, Lizette; Thibaut, Aurore; Annen, Jitka; Boly, Melanie; Casarotto, Silvia; Rosanova, Mario; Massimini, Marcello; Laureys, Steven; Gosseries, Olivia
2016Stratification of unresponsive patients by an independently validated index of brain complexityCasarotto, Silvia; Comanducci, Angela; Rosanova, Mario; Sarasso, Simone; Fecchio, Matteo; Napolitani, Martino; Pigorini, Andrea; Casali, Adenauer Girardi [UNIFESP]; Trimarchi, Pietro D.; Boly, Melanie; Gosseries, Olivia; Bodart, Olivier; Curto, Francesco; Landi, Cristina; Mariotti, Maurizio; Devalle, Guya; Laureys, Steven; Tononi, Giulio; Massimini, Marcello
14-Aug-2013A Theoretically Based Index of Consciousness Independent of Sensory Processing and BehaviorCasali, Adenauer G.; Gosseries, Olivia; Rosanova, Mario; Boly, Melanie; Sarasso, Simone; Casali, Karina R. [UNIFESP]; Casarotto, Silvia; Bruno, Marie-Aurelie; Laureys, Steven; Tononi, Giulio; Massimini, Marcello; Univ Milan; Univ Liege; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP); Univ Wisconsin; Fdn Don Carlo Gnocchi