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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Cross-cultural adaptation of the State and Trait Food Cravings Questionnaires ( FCQ-S and FCQ-T) into PortugueseUlian, Mariana Dimitrov; Sato, Priscila de Morais [UNIFESP; Benatti, Fabiana Braga; de Campos-Ferraz, Patricia Lopes; Roble, Odilon Jose; Unsain, Ramiro Fernandez [UNIFESP]; Gualano, Bruno; Scagliusi, Fernanda Baeza
2016Eating at the table, on the couch and in bed: An exploration of different locus of commensality in the discourses of Brazilian working mothersScagliusi, Fernanda Baeza; Pereira, Patricia da Rocha; Unsain, Ramiro Fernandez [UNIFESP]; Sato, Priscila de Morais [UNIFESP]
1-Nov-2014Eating practices and habitus in mothers. A Brazilian population-based surveySato, Priscila de Morais [UNIFESP]; Pereira, Patricia da Rocha [UNIFESP]; Stelmo, Isis de Carvalho [UNIFESP]; Fernandez Unsain, Ramiro; Ulian, Mariana Dimitrov [UNIFESP]; Sabatini, Fernanda [UNIFESP]; Martins, Paula Andrea [UNIFESP]; Scagliusi, Fernanda Baeza; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP); Univ Nacl Buenos Aires; Universidade de São Paulo (USP)
2016Family meals and eating practices among mothers in Santos, Brazil: A population-based studySato, Priscila de Morais [UNIFESP]; Lourenco, Barbara Hatzlhoffer; Bizzotto Trude, Angela Cristina; Unsain, Ramiro Fernandez [UNIFESP]; Pereira, Patricia Rocha [UNIFESP]; Martins, Paula Andrea [UNIFESP]; Scagliusi, Fernanda Baeza
2017Strategies used by overweight and obese low-income mothers to feed their families in urban BrazilSato, Priscila de Morais [UNIFESP]; Unsain, Ramiro Fernandes [UNIFESP]; Gittelsohn, Joel; Sanches Tavares da Silva, Joao Gabriel [UNIFESP]; Goncalves Perez, Isabel Cristina; Scagliusi, Fernanda Baeza