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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2007Re-evaluation of the role of broad-spectrum cephalosporins against staphylococci by applying contemporary in-vitro results and pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic principlesSader, Helio Silva [UNIFESP]; Bhavnani, S. M.; Ambrose, P. G.; Jones, R. N.; Pfaller, M. A.; JMI Labs; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP); Ordway Res Inst; Tufts Univ; Univ Iowa; Coll Publ Hlth
1-Sep-2004Resistance trends of Acinetobacter spp. in Latin America and characterization of international dissemination of multi-drug resistant strains: five-year report of the SENTRY Antimicrobial Surveillance ProgramTognim, Maria Cristina Bronharo [UNIFESP]; Andrade, Soraya Sgambatti [UNIFESP]; Silbert, Suzane [UNIFESP]; Gales, Ana Cristina [UNIFESP]; Jones, Ronald N.; Sader, Helio Silva [UNIFESP]; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP); Universidade Estadual de Maringá (UEM); Jones Grp
1-Mar-2004Screening of antibacterial extracts from plants native to the Brazilian Amazon Rain Forest and Atlantic ForestSuffredini, I.b.; Sader, Helio Silva [UNIFESP]; Gonçalves, Azizedite Guedes; Reis, Adriana O. [UNIFESP]; Gales, Ana Cristina [UNIFESP]; Varella, Antonio Drauzio; Younes, Riad Naim; Universidade Paulista Laboratório de Extração; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP); Universidade Federal do Maranhão Centro de Ciências Biológicas e da Saúde
1-Feb-2004SENTRY antimicrobial surveillance program report: latin american and brazilian results for 1997 through 2001Sader, Helio Silva [UNIFESP]; Jones, Ronald N.; Gales, Ana Cristina [UNIFESP]; Silva, Juliana B. [UNIFESP]; Pignatari, Antonio Carlos Campos [UNIFESP]; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP); The JONES Group JMI Laboratories
1993Similaridade genética de amostras de Staphiloccocus aureus resistentes a oxacilina isolada na cidade de São Paulo: caracterização de uma cepa epidêmicaPignatari, Antonio Carlos Campos [UNIFESP]; Sader, Helio Silva [UNIFESP]
1-Sep-1999Survey of bloodstream infections due to gram-negative bacilli: Frequency of occurrence and antimicrobial susceptibility of isolates collected in the United States, Canada, and Latin America for the SENTRY Antimicrobial Surveillance Program, 1997Diekema, D. J.; Pfaller, M. A.; Jones, R. N.; Doern, G. V.; Winokur, P. L.; Gales, Ana Cristina [UNIFESP]; Sader, Helio Silva [UNIFESP]; Kugler, K.; Beach, M.; SENTRY Participants Grp; Univ Iowa; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
2004Tipagem molecular de bacilos grem-negativos não-fermentadoresSader, Helio Silva [UNIFESP]; Silbert, Suzane [UNIFESP]
1-Oct-2008Treatment of Severe Infections in the Era of High Rates of Antimicrobial ResistanceSader, Helio Silva [UNIFESP]; Gales, Ana Cristina [UNIFESP]; JMI Labs; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
1-Sep-1996Use of macrorestriction analysis to demonstrate interhospital spread of multiresistant Acinetobacter baumannii in Sao Paulo, BrazilSader, Helio Silva [UNIFESP]; Mendes, Caio F. [UNIFESP]; Pignatari, Antonio Carlos Campos [UNIFESP]; Pfaller, Michael A.; Universidade de São Paulo (USP); UNIV IOWA; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
1-Dec-2003The use of molecular typing to evaluate the dissemination of antimicrobial resistance among gram-negative rods in Brazilian hospitalsTosin, Iraci [UNIFESP]; Silbert, Suzane [UNIFESP]; Sader, Helio Silva [UNIFESP]; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP); Federal University of Santa Catarina Centre of Biological Sciences