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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2012N-acetylcysteine as a potentially useful medication to prevent conversion to schizophrenia in at-risk individualsAsevedo, Elson [UNIFESP]; Cunha, Graccielle R. [UNIFESP]; Zugman, Andre [UNIFESP]; Mansur, Rodrigo B. [UNIFESP]; Brietzke, Elisa [UNIFESP]; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
2017Perinatal complications, lipid peroxidation, and mental health problems in a large community pediatric sampleMansur, Rodrigo B. [UNIFESP]; Cunha, Graccielle R. [UNIFESP]; Asevedo, Elson [UNIFESP]; Zugman, Andre [UNIFESP]; Rios, Adiel C. [UNIFESP]; Salum, Giovanni A.; Pan, Pedro M. [UNIFESP]; Gadelha, Ary [UNIFESP]; Levandowski, Mateus L.; Belangero, Sintia I. [UNIFESP]; Manfro, Gisele G. [UNIFESP]; Stertz, Laura; Kauer-Sant'anna, Marcia; Miguel, Euripedes C.; Bressan, Rodrigo A. [UNIFESP]; Mari, Jair J. [UNIFESP]; Grassi-Oliveira, Rodrigo [UNIFESP]; Brietzke, Elisa [UNIFESP]
2017Plasma copeptin and metabolic dysfunction in individuals with bipolar disorderMansur, Rodrigo B. [UNIFESP]; Rizzo, Lucas B. [UNIFESP]; Santos, Camila M. [UNIFESP]; Asevedo, Elson [UNIFESP]; Cunha, Graccielle R. [UNIFESP]; Noto, Mariane N. [UNIFESP]; Pedrini, Mariana [UNIFESP]; Zeni-Graiff, Maiara [UNIFESP]; Cordeiro, Quirino; McIntyre, Roger S.; Brietzke, Elisa [UNIFESP]
2017Shorter leukocyte telomere length in patients at ultra high risk for psychosisMaurya, Pawan Kumar [UNIFESP]; Rizzo, Lucas Bortolotto [UNIFESP]; Xavier, Gabriela [UNIFESP]; Tempaku, Priscila Farias; Zeni-Graiff, Maiara; Santoro, Marcos L. [UNIFESP]; Mazzotti, Diego Robles; Zugman, Andre; Pan, Pedro; Noto, Cristiano [UNIFESP]; Maes, Michael; Asevedo, Elson; Mansur, Rodrigo B.; Cunha, Graccielle R. [UNIFESP]; Gadelha, Ary; Bressan, Rodrigo A. [UNIFESP]; Belangero, Sintia Iole [UNIFESP]; Brietzke, Elisa
2016Socioeconomic Disadvantage Moderates the Association between Peripheral Biomarkers and Childhood PsychopathologyMansur, Rodrigo B. [UNIFESP]; Cunha, Graccielle R. [UNIFESP]; Asevedo, Elson [UNIFESP]; Zugman, Andre [UNIFESP]; Zeni-Graiff, Maiara [UNIFESP]; Rios, Adiel C. [UNIFESP]; Sethi, Sumit [UNIFESP]; Maurya, Pawan K. [UNIFESP]; Levandowski, Mateus L.; Gadelha, Ary [UNIFESP]; Pan, Pedro M. [UNIFESP]; Stertz, Laura; Belangero, Sintia I. [UNIFESP]; Anna, Marcia Kauer-Sant'; Teixeira, Antonio L.; Mari, Jair J. [UNIFESP]; Rohde, Luis A.; Miguel, Euripedes C.; McIntyre, Roger S.; Grassi-Oliveira, Rodrigo; Bressan, Rodrigo A. [UNIFESP]; Brietzke, Elisa [UNIFESP]