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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Comparisons of choroidal nevus measurements obtained using 10-and 20-MHz ultrasound and spectral domain optical coherence tomographyMartins, Maira de Franca [UNIFESP]; Kiefer, Kelcia [UNIFESP]; Andrade Kanecadan, Liliane Almeida [UNIFESP]; Garcia, Patricia Novita [UNIFESP]; Belfort, Rubens N. [UNIFESP]; Allemann, Norma [UNIFESP]
2017Evaluating the presence of Toxoplasma gondii in peripheral blood of patients with diverse forms of uveitisBelfort, Rubens N. [UNIFESP]; Isenberg, Jordan; Fernandes, Bruno F.; Di Cesare, Sebastian; Belfort, Rubens, Jr. [UNIFESP]; Burnier, Miguel N., Jr. [UNIFESP]
1-Apr-2010Fourier domain optical coherence tomographic and auto-fluorescence findings in indeterminate choroidal melanocytic lesionsSingh, Arun D.; Belfort, Rubens N. [UNIFESP]; Sayanagi, Kaori; Kaiser, Peter K.; Cleveland Clin Fdn; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
1-Feb-2010Incidence of Melanocytic Lesions of the Conjunctiva in a Review of 10 675 Ophthalmic SpecimensNovais, Gustavo A.; Fernandes, Bruno F.; Belfort, Rubens N. [UNIFESP]; Castiglione, Enzo; Cheema, Devinder P.; Burnier, Miguel N.; McGill Univ; Henry C Witelson Ocular Pathol Lab; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
2017Indications for eye removal over a 13-year period at an ophthalmology referral center in Sao Paulo, BrazilHime, Bernardo; Isenberg, Jordan; Rocha, Gustavo; Lowen, Marcia [UNIFESP]; Morales, Melina [UNIFESP]; Fernandes, Bruno Franco; Belfort, Rubens N. [UNIFESP]
2018Largest case series of Latin American eyelid tumors over 13-Years from a single center in Sao Paulo, BrazilDamasceno, Jessica Carolinne; Isenberg, Jordan; Lopes, Laise Rondon; Hime, Bernardo; Fernandes, Bruno F.; Lowen, Marcia [UNIFESP]; Aranha Camargo, Luis Marcelo; Belfort, Rubens N. [UNIFESP]