Cystic craniopharyngioma: intratumoral chemotherapy with alpha interferon

Cystic craniopharyngioma: intratumoral chemotherapy with alpha interferon

Alternative title Craniofaringioma cístico: quimioterapia intratumoral com interferon alfa
Author Dastoli, Patrícia Alessandra Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Nicácio, Jardel Mendonça Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Silva, Nasjla Saba Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Capellano, Andrea Maria Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Toledo, Silvia Regina Caminada de Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Ierardi, Daniela Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Cavalheiro, Sergio Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Institution Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Abstract OBJECTIVE: To assess whether the cystic craniopharyngiomas can be controlled with the use of intratumoral applications of interferon alpha. METHOD: Nineteen patients with the diagnosis of cystic craniopharyngioma were treated with intratumoral chemotherapy with interferon alpha from January 2002 to April 2006. All patients underwent placement of an intracystic catheter connected to an Ommaya reservoir. Through this reservoir were made applications during chemotherapy cycles. Each cycle corresponded to application of 3,000,000 units of interferon alpha three times per week on alternate days totalizing 36,000,000 units. Response to treatment was evaluated by calculating the tumor volume on MRI control after one, three and six months after the end of each cycle. Patients who developed worsening of symptoms or who had insignificant reduction in tumor volume during follow-up underwent repeat cycle chemotherapy. RESULTS: Four patients received four cycles of chemotherapy, three patients received three cycles, six patients received two cycles and six patients received one. The lower percentage of reduction in tumor volume was 60% and the bigger reduction was 98.37%. Eleven patients had a reduction greater than 90%. Five patients had a tumor reduction between 75 and 90% and in three patients the tumors were reduced by less than 75%. No deaths occurred during treatment and side effects of interferon alpha were well tolerated. No treatment was discontinued. Follow-up after the last application ranged from one year and five months to three years and nine months. CONCLUSION: The intratumoral chemotherapy with interferon alpha decreases the volume of cystic craniopharyngiomas and so far can be considered a new therapeutic alternative.

OBJETIVO: Avaliar se os craniofaringiomas císticos podem ser controlados com aplicações intratumorais de interferon alfa. MÉTODO: De janeiro de 2002 a abril de 2006, 19 pacientes foram submetidos à colocação de um cateter intracístico conectado a reservatório de Ommaya para aplicações intratumorais de ciclos de 36.000.000 de unidades de interferon alfa. A resposta ao tratamento foi avaliada pelo cálculo do volume tumoral na ressonância magnética de controle ao término de cada ciclo. RESULTADOS: Os pacientes receberam de um a quatro ciclos de quimioterapia. Onze pacientes apresentaram uma redução do volume tumoral maior que 90%; cinco pacientes apresentaram uma redução entre 75% e 90% e três pacientes uma redução menor de 75%. Não houve óbitos durante o tratamento e os efeitos colaterais do inferferon alfa foram bem tolerados. Nenhum tratamento foi interrompido. CONCLUSÃO: A quimioterapia intratumoral com interferon alfa diminui o volume dos craniofaringeomas císticos e pode ser considerada uma nova alternativa terapêutica.
Keywords cystic craniopharyngioma
interferon alpha
intratumoral chemotherapy
Ommaya reservoir
craniofaringioma cístico
interferon alfa
quimioterapia intratumoral
reservatório de Ommaya
Language English
Date 2011-02-01
Published in Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria. Academia Brasileira de Neurologia - ABNEURO, v. 69, n. 1, p. 50-55, 2011.
ISSN 0004-282X (Sherpa/Romeo, impact factor)
Publisher Academia Brasileira de Neurologia - ABNEURO
Extent 50-55
Access rights Open access Open Access
Type Article
Web of Science ID WOS:000287809600011
SciELO ID S0004-282X2011000100011 (statistics in SciELO)

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