Lower dopamine transporter density in an asymptomatic patient with Kleine-Levin syndrome

Lower dopamine transporter density in an asymptomatic patient with Kleine-Levin syndrome

Autor Hoexter, M. Q. Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Shih, M. C. Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Mendes, D. D. Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Godeiro, C. Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Felicio, A. C. Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Fu, Y. K. Google Scholar
Tufik, S. Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Bressan, R. A. Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Instituição Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Inst Nucl Energy Res
Resumo Background Kleine-Levin syndrome (KLS) is a rare disorder whose pathophysiological mechanisms remain unknown.Patients and methods To investigate dopamine abnormalities in KLS, a [Tc-99m] - TRODAT-1 single photon emission computerized tomography (SPECT) was performed in a patient with KLS during the asymptomatic period and compared with three matched healthy controls.Results the patient had 14% lower striatal dopamine transporter binding potential (DAT-BP) compared to the mean DAT-BP of three healthy controls.Conclusion This study provides in vivo evidence for abnormalities in the DAT-BP, suggesting an involvement of the dopaminergic system in the pathophysiology of KLS.
Assunto dopamine transporter
Kleine-Levin syndrome
single photon emission computed tomography
Idioma Inglês
Data 2008-05-01
Publicado em Acta Neurologica Scandinavica. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, v. 117, n. 5, p. 370-373, 2008.
ISSN 0001-6314 (Sherpa/Romeo, fator de impacto)
Editor Blackwell Publishing
Extensão 370-373
Fonte http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/j.1600-0404.2007.00942.x
Direito de acesso Acesso restrito
Tipo Editorial
Web of Science WOS:000254807500014
URI http://repositorio.unifesp.br/handle/11600/30660

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