The Almodin-Moron trocar for uterine entry during fetal surgery

Show simple item record Almodin, C. G. Moron, A. F. Cavaliero, S. Yamashita, A. Hisaba, W. Piassi, J. 2016-01-24T12:40:53Z 2016-01-24T12:40:53Z 2006-01-01
dc.identifier.citation Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy. Basel: Karger, v. 21, n. 5, p. 414-417, 2006.
dc.identifier.issn 1015-3837
dc.description.abstract Objective: Compare the use of a newly designed and reusable metal trocar for initial uterine entry with the disposable Tulipan-Bruner trocar in creation of a hysterotomyforfetal surgery. Methods:Six consecutive patients undergoing hysterotomy for intrauterine repair of myelomeningocele were randomized to uterine entry either with the Tulipan-Bruner trocar or with the Almodin-Moron trocar. Blood loss was estimated by the primary surgeon. Results: There was no statistically significant difference in the uterine entry times between the trocars. Blood loss was estimated to be approximately the same. the Almodin-Moron trocar was judged to provide easy handling with good safety. Conclusions: the AlmodinMoron trocar provides a uterine entry during creation of a hysterotomythat is as quick and causes as little trauma as the Tulipan-Bruner trocar. Copyright (c) 2006 S. Karger AG, Basel. en
dc.format.extent 414-417
dc.language.iso eng
dc.publisher Karger
dc.relation.ispartof Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy
dc.rights Acesso restrito
dc.subject hysterotomy en
dc.subject fetal surgery en
dc.subject open fetal surgery en
dc.title The Almodin-Moron trocar for uterine entry during fetal surgery en
dc.type Artigo
dc.contributor.institution Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
dc.contributor.institution Materbaby Reprod Humana & Genet
dc.description.affiliation Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Dept Obstet, São Paulo, Brazil
dc.description.affiliation Materbaby Reprod Humana & Genet, Maringa, Parana, Brazil
dc.description.affiliationUnifesp Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Dept Obstet, São Paulo, Brazil
dc.identifier.doi 10.1159/000093882
dc.description.source Web of Science
dc.identifier.wos WOS:000239896300004


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