Estudo comparativo da formacao neointimal apos angioplastia de carotida em ratos hipertensos

Estudo comparativo da formacao neointimal apos angioplastia de carotida em ratos hipertensos

Título alternativo Comparative study of the neointima formation after anglioplasty of carotid arteries of hipertensive rats
Autor Dalle Lucca, Shawn Lyn Dodd Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Resumo Objective: Hypertension is one atherosclerotic vascular disease and vascular smooth muscle abnornal cell repllcation is a key feature of plaque fonnation. The present study was conducted to verify the relationship between hypertension and smooth muscle cell proliferation after balloon injury and to correlate neointima formation with resting membrane potential of uninjured smooth muscle cells since it has been suggested that altered vascular function ln hypertension may be related to the resetting of resting membrane potential in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR). Methods: Neointima formation was induced by balloon injury to the carotid arteries of SHR, normotensive and renovascular hypertensive Wistar Kyoto rats and normotensive Wistar rats. Fourteen days afterwards the animais were killed and the carotid arteries were prepared for histomorphometric and immunohistochemistry analysis. Membrane potential was determinei in uninjured arteries by the use of microelectrodes. Results: SHR had a significantly larger neointima when compared to all other groups. SHR smooth muscle cells were significantly depolarized when compared to all other groups. Concluslons: SHR carotid artery responded to balloon injury with an exaggerated neointima formation. This increased fibroproliferative response observed in SHR is probably not related to the hypertensive state but could be associated with the resetting of the carotid smooth muscle cell resting membrane potential to a more depolarized state. Keywords: SHR; renovascular hypertension; restenosis; smooth muscle cell; membrane potential
Assunto Angioplastia
Potenciais da Membrana
Idioma Português
Data 1998
Publicado em São Paulo: [s.n.], 1998. 47 p.
Editor Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Extensão 47 p.
Direito de acesso Acesso restrito
Tipo Dissertação de mestrado

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